Selasa, 21 Mei 2019

Ulang tahun tuh buat apa? (Birthday? For what? )




So, I was watching the video from youtube vlogger. Actually, this is a podcast like the sound of people to explain many things. Then he name is Andri I really like his voice so cool and soft like radio announcer and today the first I hear all his podcast. It's so amazing to hear every topic on his youtube channel. You can click this link if you wanna hear too. 

This is my favorite topic. Birthday? For what? 100% I agree with it. It's no problem with the birthday I think. But, when we grow up it's like just a make wasting time. You know sometimes we don't need to surprise like that. Because of we too busy in the office, busy with to caring family.  So, I mean, we don't have to think a lot about birthday. Just need to make dua. 

Please don't make birthday party if you only want to be seen from the outside like caring with your friend. But inside you are nothing. Oke, let me tell you about something. 

I was birthday on April 27th then... my friend coming to my home they bring cake and take a gift for me. I remember this raining day. Then I just feel confused haha, because I don't have any food in my home. I just wanna lay in my bed and rest after office hours. What should I do?. So,  not only me they have to confuse too. I suggest picking gojek. But, my friend said "There is no point, no one gojek pick up your order because raining" So. I asked my friend "What you want? what you want to eat now?" they just silent haha.

After that, we choose to eat Pecel lele. I know this is so simple food. But, I really confused about what want to buy food.  I know my friend feels like don't like or disappointed or something regret. I don't care haha. And we are eating together. We laugh and we share about Anything, (maybe) 

But in the other time like after we are finished to eat. They just only care they self. Like.. one my friend busy with a video call with boyfriend, and then my friend busy with instastory, and one busy editing photo in another application. 

Please guys, this time to we are met. But you are only busy without me. you busy with your phone. So, 23 yo I don't feel special things. even I just feel deep into the darkness. Even, in 23 yo o lost my mom. I'm very thankful you already coming to my home. But you did not doing anything even you not help me or bring me to the light. 

Please don't mind... I just write in my opinion and what I feel, Because you are changing. 

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