Sabtu, 09 Februari 2019

Thanks to ALLAH dan pada akhirnya kita memilih jalan yang berbeda

İt's no so easy... I have no choice but this is live and live must go on. Dear boy.. If u never want to marry her please don't make her falling in love with you. And then thanks to Allah now I'm know and I'm realized and I look all boy always teasing and filtring with my heart.

But, heartbreak is no more painful than losing a mother in duniya. Allah give me a patient to this. I just need support from my family and friend. Now, I feel like give up to this.

And I hope they are happiness life with the new girlfriend.. don't worry about me haha. I can solve my problems in here İnsyaAllah.

So, i don't care about my word english in here hahaha. I sure no one read my blog.

 Soo.. if you accidentally read this article
 welcome my diary. Enjoy with my blog.


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